What fills you?


Julianne Edge asks, “What fills you?”

How many of you on the day you were born were told exactly how tough life was going to be? Did you get a heads up on what obstacles and hardships you would have to overcome? If your answer to both of those questions was “yes” then I’m gonna need to talk to my parents and the Man upstairs because I didn’t get that memo. Life is tough — there is no sugar-coating it. What I wouldn’t give to just go back to being a care-free kid where all I had to worry about was whether I wanted apple or grape juice. The worst part is life only gets tougher. The thing is, we were never meant to take on this life alone. Yes, it is tough, but with Jesus it’s a whole lot easier. Hold up. Before you click off of this article just because I said that name, hear me out.

One reason life can be tough is because we allow things other than Jesus to fill us up. A car, a house, a new pair of shoes, a relationship, and the list goes on… Before you say “I never allow silly materialistic things like that fill me up.” How many of you feel a little sad when so and so posts a picture of their new car? Or when your ex posts a picture with his new boo? Don’t get me wrong, I am just as guilty of this as the next guy, but I’ve learned from experience that those things will never fill me quite like Jesus will. Let me shed some light on my past experience with this, I have called myself ugly, dumb, fat, and unlovable. I know, harsh right? The thing is, I wouldn’t dare let someone else say that about themselves. So, the grace that I am willing to give to others, shouldn’t I give that to myself? Jesus gave me grace even if I believe I don’t deserve it. How crazy is that? Despite the feelings I have about myself, my identity is in Christ, The True Sustainer. As a Child of Christ he says I am beautiful, smart, lovable and enough. Freedom comes from finding my identity in Christ, and that means His opinion is the only one that matters. So, if someone calls me ugly, that’s fine — my identity is in Christ; if someone calls me fat, that’s okay because my identity is in Christ. I am so deeply loved and treasured by the One who created the moon and the stars and nothing anyone says about me will ever change His opinion about me. No car, relationship, or name brand will ever fill me or you like Jesus will. Nothing.

I wanted this last article to be real and raw. The whole purpose of writing these articles was to use my platform to fulfill His purpose. I know I run the risk of no one ever reading my articles or anyone getting anything out of them, but I still believe Jesus is using this maybe not to help somebody, but to restore my faithfulness. This was never about my personal fame, but Him. So, my last piece of advice, don’t believe you are less than. You are breathing — that means you are valued. Keep fighting the good fight and let Him sustain you and fill you up if you are feeling empty.