Students view cadaver model in Health Sciences

Level 2 Associate Degree Nursing students Jennifer Zuniga and Alaba Ologuntoye had a chance to work with the cadaver model.

Panola College is considering adding a new learning tool to its Health Sciences programs. Health Sciences students and faculty had a chance to view, and some of them to touch, a full-body Syndaver cadaver model that looks and feels like real human tissue. The model was on display at Panola College on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

Dr. Anthony Edwards used the model for a brief lecture to his Anatomy and Physiology students. The models allow for procedures that students may not experience during clinicals or field work.

“The students said things like “being able to hold a ‘real’ liver, gallbladder, stomach puts it into perspective of how they work together,” said Kelly Reed-Hirsch, dean of Health Sciences.