Students Experience Increasing Stress


Christian stressed over the upcoming finals.

Does anyone have any idea what day it is? None because same. Today is actually a very important day especially for us college kids. It is National Stress Awareness Day. Yes, it’s actually a thing. So to commemorate this day I would like to first talk about stress and the history of this holiday and then some tips on how to deal with it.

Stress defined is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. The purpose of this holiday is to spread the awareness of how stress takes a toll on not only our emotional well-being, but also physical. Health-related organizations use this day to educate the public through programs and events. I’m sure most of us are feeling it at this point in the semester with finals just three short weeks away. It seems like all the work is piling up and homework and projects aren’t going to get done in a timely manner. Trust me,I’m right there with you, friends. However, thanks to people being more open about their mental health and the internet finding ways to cope with stress without shelling out tons of money to a psychologist is quite easy.

The first tip on how to cope with stress is to take care of your body. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, get a goodnight’s sleep, we’ve all heard it, but have we ever put it into practice? By just taking care of yourself it can help alleviate the stress that you are feeling. The second tip is exercise on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean to work out every day going as hard as you can. It just means committing to working out at least three to four times a week. Working out releases endorphins that are brought on by stress. The third tip is talk to others. That simple talk to people about your problems. Be more open and don’t try to act like you have it all together all the time because you don’t have to and you aren’t meant to. The fourth tip is avoid drugs and alcohol. Drinking and getting high might make you feel good in the moment, but the next day the stress is still there, so really you aren’t doing anything for yourself. The fifth and final step is to take a break. Take a minute to get away from the things that are causing you stress. Whether it be a person or an assignment deal with it later. Let your mind relax and just breathe for a minute.

Use today to take a break and allow yourself some time away from the things that are stressing you out. Let today be the day you start a healthy relationship without stress.