Student Spotlight: Whitney Ramsey


Whitney Ramsey

Everyone has something that they are dealing with in college whether it is something external or internal. It is something that people in college will learn as they get to know people as they grow. Whitney Ramsey, a 21-year-old girl from Center, Texas, is one of those people who has gone through so many obstacles while in college. She is in her third year of college and spent her first year of college doing her core classes. Her current major is music but she is wanting to become a music teacher.

Whitney is in her third year with the Panola College Band and plays multiple instruments. She plays bassoon, saxophone, guitar, baritone, and flute. She plans in the future to learn more instruments as possible. She says, “(Band) has made an impact on my life in many ways. One is that I have found my forever friends through band.” In her years in band, she has learned to dedicate and work towards a goal.

Music has had a huge impact on her life and is something that keeps her going even when there is no radio or instrument to play. “When I can not say what I feel, music is my outlet. Mrs. Bauer, Mr. Hubbard, and Mr. Edge inspire me on a daily basis. They are so driven and they truly want the best for their students,” she says. Those that inspire her have been there for her when she needed someone and they are loving, and understanding, and wise with their words.

Knowing all of this about Whitney most people would think she is just a normal college student driven to be the best she can be. Whitney has dealt with a lot more than just learning instruments. Those who know Whitney know that underneath her dazzling smile and rocking solo she is dealing with a lot more. Whitney, since she was young, has had migraine issues and other health issues. She said when she was young she would get upset and a migraine would arise. This is what says about her migraines, “But this is something that arises in times of stress or just when it decides to show its ugly face. Crippling, sickening, disorienting migraines.” When she started college she was taking 19+ hours of classes the amount of stress during her first year was unimaginable. They became more frequent since she started college and she has pushed through it even though there were days where she didn’t want to get out bed to attend classes.

Her last away game as a senior in high school she was told to stay home by her band director. She was drum major and she asked her mother to drive her to the game. Once she arrived she did what she needed to do. Her condition is mainly caused by stress, at a young age, the doctors diagnosed her with anxiety which causes her to stress and worry more than the average person. Doctors have given her medication to try to prevent this. She says, “In the end, they tell me to just try and calm myself down. Relax and breathe.”

There has never been a time that she has pushed something away or deterred from because of this condition. If it is stressed filled she finds a way to accomplish it with grace. Whitney has always pushed through her health conditions in order to shine through and get things done. She has faced health obstacles that some people would just stay at home with and call it quits. When asked about quitting music she says, “I used to cry when I thought about not pursuing music.” Music is her escape from all the problems that arise in the dark.