Student Spotlight: Lyndsey Wagner


Sophomore Lyndsey Wagner hails from the big city of Houston, more specifically from the neighborhood of Magnolia. While Lyndsey is majoring in general studies here at Panola, she plans to transfer her credits to UT Tyler because “They have an incredible pre-law program.” Lyndsey decided to attend Panola because she wanted individualized education, and she claims “Panola has not disappointed.”

Lyndsey stated that her dream is to graduate law school. Incidentally, her interests include law, politics, and history. Most of her time is spent studying, sometimes for school, and sometimes for her personal interests. During her leisure time, she enjoys watching the television series “Blue Bloods” and “terrible B-rated movies.” Her favorite movie is “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.” She could not decide on her favorite book claiming she has several. This decision isn’t easy for someone who has a personal book collection of almost a thousand titles.