Student Spotlight: Jasmine Ryan


Jasmine Leona Ryan

Everyone meet Jasmine Leona Ryan — a theatre major attending Panola College aspiring to be a drama teacher and/or an actress. Her aspirations originally found her in her freshman year of high school when she first started theatre. This woman is a phenomenal actor. Seeing her take on the roles of men, women and almost anything she puts her mind to is absolute baffling to many viewing eyes who are lucky enough to have witnessed her in her flow and in her right place of mind.

Who does she aspire to emulate? Granted most people find an icon and push and push and push themselves into the likeness and image of this star. Jasmine made a confident statement that still resonates:”I don’t want to be like Angelina Jolie or anybody in Hollywood; I want to be the first Jasmine Ryan.” This statement is a fist thrust into the air with absolute pride.  It is so liberating to see such an original being of art.

Being in theatre myself, I get the honor and pleasure of working with this woman on a day to day basis. Running lines alongside her, developing a character and watching her almost step out of her own body and into the character as if it was a part of our world and not just in the play. I have seen Jasmine highly involved in One Act Play, throughout high school where we first met, playing mostly men in the plays she was assigned. She is an absolute star, who has won 23 Best Actress awards in OAP. It is fascinating to just watch her go through a play like it is her last. She is honestly such a hilarious and genuine woman to work with, not like the movie stars you hear about being show queens and divas. When you get the chance to work with Jasmine, she just builds you up as much as you build her up. She can match any emotion with anyone. She’s highly empathic in her actions and with her friends, and I am lucky to be called one of hers.