Student Spotlight: Immanuel Ogunfuwa


Immanuel Ogunfuwa

Immanuel Ogunfuwa is an intrepid, dedicated, and pious young man with aspirations to become a nurse in the medical community. “What sparked my interest in nursing is my desire to serve and take care of people to help them advance their health,” he says. “I committed my career into God’s hand because it is worthless without him and he has kept me all the way to completing my prerequisites and applying to the nursing school.”

With enthusiasm and vigor Immanuel has set his goals to completing his dream. “Currently, I don’t have any specific field in mind, but I hope to first get my B.S.N. (Bachelors in the Science of Nursing) and wait for God’s direction to know the next step to take, but I admire the pediatric field.”

His zealous desire to pursue a career in nursing requires dedication, and effort that demands his full time. “Challenges I believe I have to overcome in my career would be the language barrier, and the long working hours. Firstly, as an international student who is not so fluent in English, I believe this would be one of my greatest challenges. Communication is one of the skills of a professional nurse, and I hope as time passes I will become fluent in English… most nurses I know work long hours, have minimum time for their families, and themselves… I hope to overcome this challenge by praying for God’s grace to balance in all aspect of my life — financially, relationship-wise, spiritual, and health wise.”

His plans for the future are to accommodate the skills necessary to forge a strong medical foundation. “One plan I have for the future is to get a lot of working experience and knowledge in the United States, and then go back to my country of Nigeria and help in the health sector. I also desire to be a citizen of the U.S.; I want to be the stepping stone and vessel God would use to grant my family, and my loved ones a better life. However, with all the plans of mine, God’s plan for me still supersedes; his thoughts for me are that of good and not of evil, to give a future and hope.”

Immanuel earned an associate degree at Panola College in spring 2018 and is now enrolled in U.T. Tyler to finish pursuing his dream of becoming a nurse.