Student Spotlight 03: Colby Coleson


Colby Coleson photographed at Panola College on Feb. 28.

PC: What made you choose Panola College?

CC: To be perfectly honest, I originally chose Panola to be close to family. However, once I visited the campus I immediately loved the atmosphere and the people.

PC: What do you enjoy most about Panola College?

CC: What I enjoy most, without a doubt, are the friends that I have made in my short time here. They have made it so much easier to look forward to 8 o’clock classes.

PC: What are you studying?

CC: Business Administration.

PC: What made you choose this field of study?

CC: I see a great potential of job diversity, and having a general knowledge of business will always be in high demand.

PC: Are you involved in any Panola College organizations?

CC: Green Jackets.

PC: What is your role in the organization?

CC: As ambassadors of the school, we basically represent all things Panola. We not only carry the Panola name around on campus, we take it into the community, our work, and our social lives.

PC: What is your goal after transferring from Panola College?

CC: I have always felt deeply called to the field of ministry, and I knew that I was meant to share with others all that God has done in life. I plan to transfer to East Texas Baptist University and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry.

PC: What is your favorite hobby?

CC: One little known fact about me is my passion for gardening, because nothing beats the taste of a homegrown tomato. If it involves being outdoors, count me in. I also enjoy camping, fishing, and a good workout session in the gym.

We would like to thank Colby Coleson. If you are interested in Green Jackets or other Panola College clubs and organizations, visit for more information.