Student Spotlight 02: Abigail Parrish


Abigail Parrish photographed in front of the Panola College Q.M. Martin Auditorium on Feb. 12.

Abigail Parrish is currently a sophomore at Panola College studying theatre. She is involved in multiple organizations, including Student Government Association (SGA) and History Club. After leaving Panola, she plans to transfer to Sam Houston State University to continue studying theatre. We caught up with Abigail and asked her a few questions:

PC: What made you choose to study theatre?

AP: I really enjoy theatre, it makes me very happy.

PC: What is your goal after leaving Panola College?

AP: That’s a difficult question to answer. I have so many goals that venture into so many different things, so it’s difficult to just say what they are. Currently, I would like to transfer to Sam Houston State University and continue studying theatre.

PC: What is your favorite thing about Panola College?

AP: Being involved so deeply with Panola College. It’s hard to specify what I love about it without going into insane detail. I like the family aspect of this campus. I like how each group, even if they don’t get along with other groups, look out for each other. I like how professors try to do what’s best for students. I like how I can try so many different things, and it’s not frowned upon if I mess up. I just get pushed in the right direction. I like being put into positions that I didn’t realize I was going to be put into, and then trying to make the most of it. Panola College tries to push people out of their comfort zones, and that is something I cherish.

PC: What do you do with your free time?

AP: I really enjoy reading. Currently, I don’t have much time for it because of how involved I am on campus. I’m in multiple organizations, namely SGA and History Club. I also have rehearsals for theatre every single day. But, if I ever get a chance to take a breather, I really enjoy reading a good book.

PC: How did you get involved in SGA?

AP: I decided to go to a meeting to see what it was all about. Shortly after, I was nominated to be SGA President. I had to figure out how it worked. I had to learn how to run a formal meeting and keep people in the know about what was going on. SGA, and all of the people I’ve met through it, mean so much to me. I am very interested in what students have to say and how they want Panola to run. Sometimes SGA stresses me out, but I get to be a voice for people who are too scared to speak up. I get to help in ways I never thought I could. There are many opportunities to learn and grow with SGA. I really encourage people to come to meetings to see what is happening and how they can get involved.

PC: What are you passionate about?

AP: “Passionate” is a strong word. It’s hard to say what I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about everything I do. I’m passionate about the things that interest me. I’m passionate about the organizations I’m involved in, and theatre. I’m passionate about my family, and also the family that I’ve made while at Panola.

We would like to thank Abigail Parrish. If you are interested in SGA, History Club or other Panola College clubs and organizations, visit for more information.