Student Spotlight 01: Leneve Williams


Leneve Williams photographed on Feb. 4 at Panola College.

Leneve is currently a sophomore studying at Panola College. She plans to transfer to the University of Texas at Tyler this summer to study nursing. We caught up with her and sat down for a few questions:

PC: What made you choose to study nursing?

LW: I chose nursing as a career because I’ve always had a love of tending to people in need. I’m also fascinated with medicine. Like, how a new life is created from two cells or how people can now survive diseases that would have killed them a hundred years ago. That’s the wonder of humans, and I’m always discovering new things about them.

PC: What is your favorite thing about Panola College?

LW: I love that Panola College is such a tight-knit community. I always see friendly faces everywhere I go, whether it is the librarians or professors. Another is that the professors here are so kind and genuinely try to help their students in any way they can.

PC: Where did you grow up?

LW: I grew up in Marshall, TX.

PC: What are your favorite hobbies? What do you do with your free time?

LW: My favorite hobbies are knitting and baking. I have such a sweet tooth. I’m always reading in my free time. You’ll rarely see me without my nose in a book.

PC: What are you passionate about? What is something interesting you’ve experienced?

LW: I am passionate about knitting and crocheting blankets. Knitting while watching Netflix is one of my favorite activities, and it relieves my stress. I love learning new patterns and how stitches can turn into a beautiful sweater or blanket.

We would like to thank Leneve Williams. Keep an eye open for more spotlights, coming soon.