SGA officers visit Austin

Brianne Borders
SGA officers attended Community College Day in Austin.

SGA members and sponsor arrived in Austin February 4th, Monday night to attend the Community College Day at the State Capitol the next day. They walked the streets and stopped to eat the famous Texas Chili Parlor before they went back to their hotel to get ready for the big day ahead of them.

Waking up as the sun was rising they prepared themselves and headed to the Capitol. They arrived and joined Dr. Gregory Powell, Panola College President, and the many other college SGA members that were already scattered in the front of the entrance. There they stood and listened to the different speakers that were introduced and gave a small speech, but one especially had stood out to the members. Navarro College’s Ashley Scholten had stepped up to the podium and addressed a bill that would allow people, on a college campus, to carry their weapon if they obtained a concealed handgun license. She also discussed schools’ insufficient funding.

After the speeches were given everyone entered the Capitol in which they were free to explore. They admired many of the rooms, shopped at the gift shopped, then came across snakes! In the center of the Capitol there were snake trainers and their snakes with others watching from afar. The snake trainers would hold onto the snakes’ head while people would hold their bodies and take a picture before quickly handing the snake back over.

As their day was coming to an end they decided to go visit our State Representative Chris Paddie. They were able to catch him just in the right time and chatted with him about their SGA future events here at Panola. He was very impressed and glad to have been able to speak with them. They left his office having accomplished so much in a day and hope to go back next year.