Rock your socks on March 21


Rock Your Socks on Thursday, March 21!

Bring your wildest pair of socks back to campus after Spring Break because Panola College is participating in a “Rock Your Socks” event on Thursday, March 21. It’s all part of World Down Syndrome Day, and it’s a way to celebrate the differences and abilities of all students.

Country Fresh Pizza is partnering with Panola College to raise money for research into Down syndrome on this day. Country Fresh Pizza will donate $5 for each pizza sold on March 21 to the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network. Call 903-631-0246, or stop by 636 West Panola to order your pizza and help support research into Down syndrome.

Panola College has set a one-day goal for students, faculty and staff acting together to perform 321 random acts of kindness and by rocking your most colorful socks on Thursday, March 21! Post your photos on social media — Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, wherever you want, but be sure to tag your photos with #PanolaRocks321.

You can wear different socks, brightly colored socks, long socks, printed socks, mismatched socks, any kind of fun socks in honor of our friends who rock an extra chromosome. Wearing mismatched socks reminds us to celebrate the things that make us each unique.

World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21, to symbolize a third copy of the 21st chromosome in people with Down syndrome. Communities all over the world will celebrate the acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome by “Rocking Their Socks” and doing random acts of kindness.

To make a donation to help support Down syndrome awareness go to