RADIO: The Theatre of the Mind


Jose Avila works part time at KGAS Radio.

Many of us hope to obtain a job that pays well, has good benefits, and one that allows us to have peers that get along with us.  I am fortunate to work with amazing people who teach me a lot, and are patient in tolerating the occasional clumsiness on my behalf. After nearly a year working at KGAS Radio, I am more thoughtful, and still retain the energy and drive to get things done and create a great radio station.

I’ve tried other things at various times in my life. However I believe that working in radio is by far the most fun and satisfying. Not only is KGAS Radio the broadcast mecca for local news, events, activities and sports, it is also an important venue for connecting people with fun and entertaining contests that keep the listeners  in Carthage, Beckville, Tatum, Henderson, Marshall, and Gary (to mention a few) hooked to KGAS Radio. I am blessed that I have outstanding bosses and coworkers who care, and take pride in what they do for the community.

KGAS was started about thirty years ago — locally — by intrepid and resourceful individuals that saw an opportunity to embrace creativity, information, entertainment, and companionship for the community and bring it all together in radio.  By using this medium and sharing it with thousands of people, KGAS Radio has made an impact, and established a reputation that has been embedded in the local and surrounding towns in a positive way.

At the helm of this establishment are Jerry and Wanda Hanszen, whose zealous dedication to keep the community informed and connected has been their primary objective.

I think radio is a fun medium not only in which to work but also to enjoy as a listener. Where else can you find these two ingredients that make up for a good working environment. By advertising local products and local companies everybody benefits overall.  In addition, the radio station warns people about traffic hold-ups or accidents, and helps with their daily commute.

The station is also a good source of sports information for high school events as well as collegiate and professional games.  KGAS Radio takes pride in Panola College by voicing support in  the academic and athletic departments.

That is why I am fortunate to be part of this establishment.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a series of articles about students and their part-time jobs. If you would like to contribute an essay about your part-time job, email it to [email protected]