Panola College Theatre to present: The 39 Steps


Dinner theatre will present “The 39 Steps.”

Looking for a good play to watch? Love Alfred Hitchcock movies? Panola College’s theatre will present the hilarious stage adaptation of “The 39 Steps” as the dinner theatre performance Friday-Sunday, Sept. 21-23. Doors open for dinner theatre at 5:30 p.m. and the curtain will rise at 7 p.m.  The play is produced by special permission from Samuel French, Inc.

Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s first big hit, “The 39 Steps,” the play is a Hitchcock masterpiece with a dash of Monty Python, to create a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre. Richard Hannay, the disillusioned hero, finds himself framed for murder and the target of a nationwide manhunt.  In an effort to clear his name and save the country, his journey takes him on a mad dash through Scotland and England as he tangles with police, killers, spies, chases, and, of course, beautiful women.

Starring in Panola College’s production as Richard Hannay: Shelby Watson, Leon; Pamela Edwards: Jasmine Ryan, Martinsville; Annabella Schmidt: Sarah Owens, Mt. Enterprise; Mr. Memory/Crofter/Mr. McGarrigle: Justin Gonzales, Rains; Compere: Christian Kotara, Spurger; Heavy 1/Salesman 1/Policeman 1: Keath Kibbey, Huntington; Heavy 2/Salesman 2/Policeman 2: Peyton Proffitt, Center; Milkman/Porter/Train Police/Paperboy/Radio Announcer: Yancey Flores, Shelbyville; Mrs. Higgins: Angel Kammer, Kennard; Mrs. Dunwoody: Bethany Crowe, Kennard; Professor Jordan: Tailer Chong, Rains; Margaret: Hannah Williams, Gary; Mrs. Jordan/Mrs. McGarrigle: Abigail Parish, Chireno; Pilot 1/Sheriff/McQuerrie: Dustin Bennett, Center; Pilot 2/Chief Inspector Albright: Cody Osburn, Center; The Scottish Band/Old Man: Freeman Thomas, Carthage; The Director: Zach Holmes, Martinsville.

Heading up the crew is Assistant Director: Kyree Williams, Hillsboro; Stage Manager:  Maelbi Calderon, Seagoville; Production Manager: Nathaniel Endsley, Huntington; Sound Design: Jesse Waters; Lighting Design: Kassandra Escobar, Centerville; Lighting Technician: Brenton Humphries, Gary; Costume Design: Lacie Sepulvado, Mt. Enterprise; Properties: Emily Robinson, Martinsville, Madison Spence, Gary, and Kassidy Weatherford, Gary; Assistant Stage Manager: Maria Mejia, Mt. Enterprise; Running Crew: Chailey Norton, Mt. Enterprise; Catalina Zoyoquila, Mt. Enterprise; Makeup Hair Assistant: Tony Jeter, Carthage;  Curtains: Alison Oyinki, Nigeria; SFX: Brandon Castillo, Timpson.

The dinner theatre production is the annual fundraiser for the Panola College Theatre Department. This year’s menu includes Italian lasagna, sautéed green beans, salad, bread, chocolate mousse, coffee, tea, and water. Ticket prices are $40 for adults, $35 for Panola College students, $25 for senior citizens, and $20 for children under 12.

Tickets for Sunday dessert matinee at 12:30 p.m. are $20 for adults, $15 for Panola College students, $12 for senior citizens, and $10 for children under 12.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. Call Karen King, 903-693-2064. Or, buy tickets online by going to the Panola College website and clicking on the link on the right under “Opportunities” for Online Ticket Sales.

Thursday night the play will kick off! Panola College students will be admitted for free with the proof of attendance with their photo IDs. The play will start at 6 p.m. If teachers are giving extra credit for attending the play, please let students know that no photography of any kind is allowed. Late seating is not permitted. Faculty is also invited, if you cannot make the dinner and/or dessert matinee performances. There is no cost for previews.

The play is adapted by Patrick Barlow, from an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon. The story is from the novel by John Buchan. The film was produced by Alfred Hitchcock.

Please be warned the usage of strobe lights is high in the place in transitions of this play. Take cautious if you are prone to epilepsy and/or sudden seizures.