Panola theatre students earn honors

Panola College’s Drama Department’s entry of “The Oresteia” won the Kennedy Centers American College Theatre Festival Texas Respondent’s Choice award at the State Festival and is a held production for Regional consideration.  The State Festival was held at Panola College November 6-8.

Karen King, Panola College theatre professor, said Panola College students won 22 individual awards ranging from Tech Support, Festival Hosting, Hospitality, and Technical direction to three Irene Ryan Acting awards, Dramaturgy, three awards in Costuming, and the entire cast and crew awarded for Best Storytelling for an award total of 27 Commendations.

The Awards read as follows—Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Commends and awards Meritorious Achievement Excellence in

  • Festival Host Award, Peyton Proffitt, Abigail Parrish
  • Festival Hospitality, Madison Spence, Bethany Crowe, Angel Kammer, Chailey Norton
  • Technical Support, Peyton Proffitt, Dean Bettis, Austin Graham, Keath Kibbey, Logan Vickers, Caden Worley, Laura Eddings, Maria Mejia, Catalina Zoyoquila, Tony Jeter, Justin Gonzales
  • Irene Ryan Acting Awards and Regional nomination, Sarah Owens, JoBeth Eddings, Keath Kibbey
  • Dramaturgy, Caitlyn Jackson
  • Costuming, Tony Jeter, Raven Farmer, Laura Eddings
  • Commitment to Storytelling—Cast and Crew
  • Invited Scene—The Bloody Axe Fight Scene
  • Respondents Choice-held for Region—Panola College’s, “The Oresteia.”

(See more photos on the Pony Express Facebook page. All photos by Katy Chance.)