Panola Rodeo leads the pack

Campbell Grover

Panola College Rodeo Team was in Bryan for the Texas A&M Rodeo March 15-16. The Men’s Team held on to the lead in the Southern Region, as well as finished first as a Men’s Team for the rodeo and the Women’s team placed 2nd for the weekend. Here are the results for athletes:

Tyler Johnson competed in the bareback riding event and kicked off the weekend with a bang scoring 79 points for the long round and placing first. Johnson was prepared and determined to be the best bareback rider at the Texas A&M Rodeo and finished the short round splitting first with a 76-point ride. He was on fire and with the show-stopping performances Johnson put on, he won the bareback riding average. Johnson’s accomplishments earned the Panola College Men’s Team points helping to maintain their first place lead.

In the tie down roping event, Macon Murphy started the weekend out with a 10.8 second run splitting fourth place in the round. Murphy was ready to make a run to remember in the short round and had the quickest time of 9.3 seconds finishing the round in first place. Murphy left Bryan winning second in the average for the tie down roping event.

Panola College Women’s Rodeo Team member, Campbell Grover, came to the rodeo with a game plan to make fast and clean runs in the barrel racing event. She put up a challenge for the barrel racing contestants in the first round and placed fourth with a time of 15.6 seconds. Ten fierce contestants came back to the short round, Grover showed the competition just why she deserved to be there with a time of 15.5 seconds and a second place finish. Campbell Grover is your second place barrel racing average winner for the Texas A&M Rodeo.

All Around Cowboy, Daylon Swearingen, from Piffard, New York, competed in bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, and bull riding. Swearingen continues to show why he deserves a spot to the College National Finals Rodeo. After making two outstanding saddle bronc rides, Swearingen placed third in the average. He didn’t stop there — he spurred a bucker to earn the fourth place spot in the average for the bareback riding event. With his hard work and determination, his placings earned the Panola Men’s Team points to keep the lead in the overall standings.

Abbie Muckelroy, a barrel racer competing on the Panola College Women’s Rodeo Team set the arena on fire and after placing in both the first round and the short go, Muckelroy ended the Texas A&M rodeo with a fourth place finish in the barrel racing average. With Muckelroy’s perseverance the Panola College Women’s Team was able to move up in the rankings for the overall team standings at the Texas A&M rodeo.

Jackson Williams weighing in at 145 pounds, 5 foot 9 inches tall, came to take down Goliath in the steer wrestling event. In the first round Williams threw his steer stopping the clock at 4.8 seconds splitting fourth. In the short round, Williams was anxious to show his talent in the arena once again with a time of 8.6 seconds and another fourth place finish. It was no surprise with the amount of hours and hard work to prove it that Williams would place in the average, heading back to Carthage as the fourth place steer wrestling average winner.

A name all remember and all are familiar with, saddle bronc rider from Alto, Logan Cook showed up and showed out at the Texas A&M Rodeo where he put together a spur ride that would place him fifth in the average. Cook’s accomplishments not only helped him in the overall standings for the all around, and event leader-board, but helped to place the Panola College Men’s Team first at the Texas A&M Rodeo and maintain the overall lead as a team.

Bareback rider Travis Chapman matched up with a bucking horse of Champion Rodeo Company’s and their dance in the arena was nothing short of outstanding, landing Chapman a fourth place finish. Finishing the weekend out, Chapman placed sixth in the bareback riding average.

In the event of breakaway roping, girls compete to rope their calf in the fastest time possible, Maison Davis of Kilgore grasps this concept strongly. Davis set the bar high with a fiery run of 2.2 seconds winning second in the first round. Accomplishing this goal, Davis helped to earn the Panola College Women’s Rodeo Team points to earn their second place finish at the Texas A&M Rodeo.

After 8 rodeos that the Panola College Rodeo Team has competed in this far, here is where the team members stand overall: Leading the all-around standings is the cowboy from Alto, Logan Cook. He competes in the saddle bronc riding, team roping, and tie down roping events. In the bareback riding event, the cowboy from Athens, Tyler Johnson, holds the lead with 853 points. Clayton Lowry is a competitor in the Team Roping event and is placing second with 435 points. Bull rider Ross Freeman has 354 points and is second overall. Sitting third in the event leaders for the tie down roping, Logan Cook, with 379.50 points.

Panola College Rodeo Team is the number one men’s team in the Southern Region, with plans to take a full team to the CNFR. “Our goal is to take a team to the College National Finals and be the number one team in the nation. I expect this team to achieve this goal, and look forward to the next two rodeos,” says Coach Jeff Collins.