Panola complies with Kari’s Law


Panola implements simpler 911 emergency calls.

Beginning this semester you can dial 911 from any campus phone without dialing 9 for an outbound line. Panola College is now in compliance with Kari’s Law.

On May 15, 2015, Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 788 (Kari’s Law). The law represents the aftermath of the murder of Kari Hunt in a motel room in Marshall, Texas. Ms. Hunt’s nine-year-old daughter tried to call 9-1-1 for help four times from the motel room phone. Kari’s calls never went through to authorities because she did not know to first dial “9” for an outbound line before dialing “9-1-1.”

On March 1. 2016, the Commission on State Emergency Communications decided to implement Kari’s Law into Rule 251.16 (Direct Access to 9-1-1 Service) Compliance with Kari’s Law is required by September 1, 2016.

When using the Panola phone system for normal calls you are required to dial a 9 to reach an outside line. So when calling 911 one would think that you would have to dial 9911 in order to reach authorities. In reality you can dial either 911 or 9911 from a Panola phone to report an emergency. It has been this way since the system was installed in the summer of 2012.