Panola College offers medical assisting certificate


Interested in a health care career? Medical Assisting is a great place to start.

The Panola College Medical Assisting Program offers a two-semester certificate that opens doors to health care careers in hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and home-health agencies. Here’s what current students say about the program:


“It was close and I really like Panola.” –A. Perkins

“Panola is close to home.” –B. Thomas

“It’s where they help you the most and find what you want to do with your life.” –C. Risinger

“I chose Panola because I had heard you guys had an amazing nursing program.” –C. Finley

“Why Panola, because of the friendly staff and professors. The first part about learning and communication-is the message to be received. How well it comes across the channel of communication, and they do it with ease.” –D. Knighten

“My reasons for choosing Panola College when I was seeking recommendation, everyone I had talked to had recommended Panola. I have always heard good things about Panola. Now I am on my third semester, I love the small class sizes, the course study is relatable, and the atmosphere is positive. In addition, I like the fact that Panola has an open-door policy, where I can talk to my teachers about anything.”–T. Pauley

“I chose to attend Panola College, because I believe this college will provide me with the tools to be successful.”–Y. Baxter



“I chose MA because I love to help people.” –A. Perkins

“I have always wanted to be in the medical field.” –B. Thomas

“I chose medical assisting because I’ve never really been interested in anything else.   It’s always been my calling.” –C. Risinger

“I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field of some sort.   My dream is to become a midwife but I decided to start out as an MA.  I was told it would get me really good experience in the medical field before going on to a higher nursing career.” –C. Finley

“Why the MA program? I enjoy making people feel good.  Being sick is never fun.   Treating patients with care and a smile can brighten their day.  Just watching a patient go from being horribly sick, to feeling better is such a gratifying feeling.  This is why Panola Medical Assisting Program was the right program for me.” –D. Knighten

“The MA program felt only right to me being that I have a heart for people and helping.  In this program, I’m able to learn what I need and get my experience for when I become a nurse in the future.”–T. Pauley

“I choose to go into the MA program because there is such a high demand for them.  I decided to get my MA certificated while I finish up getting my Medical Coding certificate also.  The end of next semester I will have two certificates and I could go either way and still be in the administrative part of an office.”–Y. Baxter