Panola College Drama to present 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine


Panola College Drama presents 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine by Don Zolidis, produced by special permission from Playscripts, Inc. The production will livestream Friday, November 6, 2020 at 7:00 p.m., Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 7:00 p.m., and on Sunday, November 8, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets for the general public are $6.00 and may be purchased at

If you are spending a long time at home, it can be a challenge to keep yourself occupied. Luckily, 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine is full of handy solutions, from putting on a musical with your dog, to becoming an announcer for a made-up sport, to falling in love with an inanimate object. Whether or not you are inspired to take up origami and squirrel observation, this flexible new play by Don Zolidis, specifically written for actors to perform online, is sure to bring a laugh to anyone who finds themselves unexpectedly indoors.

The production takes the audience through 10 scenarios hosted by Zachary Zea, Sophomore, Rusk, and Austin Graham, Sophomore, Emory who visit their classmates via Zoom to see how they’re handling quarantine. The show stars in order of appearance Peter – Jadeon Lewis, freshman, Mt. Enterprise; Lou – Nick McCalister, Rusk, sophomore; Ella – Ashton Powell, Decauter, sophomore, Josie – Bethany Crowe, Kennard, sophomore; Cameron- Seth Sanders, Shelbyville, sophomore; Jolene – Faith Gatlin, Mt. Enterprise, sophomore; Pascal – Evan Howell, Lindale, sophomore; D’Angelo – Jonathan Hicks, Waskom, sophomore; Tash- Allison Teasdale, Kennard, freshman; Marvin – David Bordelon, Broaddus, freshman; Alain- Riley Morgan, Kennard, freshman; Bailey – Allison Endlsey, Huntington, freshman; Sahra – Arianna Wells, Emory, freshman; Reagan – Ashley Harkness, Shelbyville, freshman; Alison – JoBeth Eddings, Deleon-Jewitt; sophomore; Torrance – Maverick Johnson, Cushing, freshman; Jules – Alissa Lee, Center, freshman; Neima – Sarolyn Musick, Gary, freshman; Anna- Emily Wheeler, Huntington, freshman; Lucas – Omar Rios, Garrison, freshman; Lyn – Tayla Jones, Mansfield, LA, freshman; Toby – Matt Keepers, Centerville, freshman; Rachel – Leah Simmons, Broaddus, freshman; Anya – Carli Morton, Woden, freshman; Jeff – Peyton Swearingen, Timpson, sophomore; and Ashley – Mercy Cross, Broaduss, freshman.  Technical Crew consisted of Assistant Director/Dramaturge – Caitlyn Jackson, Winnie, sophomore; Stage/Production Manager/Background Designs – Eric Dominguez, DeLeon-Jewitt, sophomore; Technical Director – Zach Zea, Emory, sophomore; Cinematographer – Evan Howell, Lindale, sophomore; Best Boy/Clapper – Nick McCalister, Rusk, sophomore; Props – Lyn Birmingham, Burlington, freshman; Background Designs/Costumes – Laura Eddings, Broaddus, sophomore; Sound – Jermaine Lawrence – Broaddus, freshman. The show is directed by Karen King.

The production may be viewed via a Smart TV with internet capabilities, desktops, laptops, tablets, or phones. Upon receipt of payment, each patron will receive an email with a link to the livestream. Tickets are limited in viewing availability – make your reservation today.