One Girl’s Story About Fear


Are you fearful?

Fear. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation and awareness of danger.” Fear is something nobody wants to have in life, but yet we have it. Why is that? I know in my personal experience with fear I have allowed it to control me more than it should have.

Last April, I had my first encounter with fear that completely affected the way that I lived my normal everyday life. It got to the point where I had trouble sitting still for long periods of time without feeling overwhelmingly anxious. I cared so much about the way people perceived me. I thought everyone around me noticed all the flaws that I saw in myself. In reality my flaws didn’t show quite as much as I thought they did. I allowed the fear to overtake me. Here’s the thing about fear, it’s a bunch of what-ifs that are ultimately not going to amount to much of anything. If fear is something nobody wants in life then how are we supposed to overcome it? I personally learned to cope with my fear by trusting in the One who calms all fears.  In the Bible it says “Do not fear…” 366 times; that’s a verse for every day of the year, even on leap years. So, to me this must mean Jesus wants his people not to live in constant fear. If I knew Jesus doesn’t want his people to live in constant fear then why was I still a fearful person?

It’s not that I’m scared Jesus will mess up, I’m just scared His Will is not going to line up with mine. In the podcast The Porch, that I previously wrote an article over, David Marvin said it best, “ You either have no control and no peace or no control and peace, either way you don’t have control.” I will never have control of my life, but I have peace in knowing the Creator of the World holds my future and he knows what’s best for me even when I don’t.

There are still days that I have fear, but I have learned to  hand it all over to the One who sees what I cannot. In my battle with fear I have found freedom from it through Jesus and only through Him. There are other ways to find freedom through fear, but this is the only way I have ever found true peace.