New to PC: Dr. Cathy Singletary

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New to PC: Dr. Cathy Singletary

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Dr. Cathy Singletary is new to Panola College.  She has had a long journey of success prior to joining Panola faculty in August.  Dr. Singletary is excited about the new course being introduced into the college curriculum: Learning Framework.  Her willingness to gain knowledge at a personal level is noticeable in her patience to instill that knowledge into others.

“I see the impact this course can have on students who are adapting to the college experience,” Singletary said. “Should self-management be taught and can it?  Absolutely.  By studying and practicing certain skills, students become the source of self-change.”

Dr. Singletary received her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University.  When asked about her experience, she quickly added “Go Tigers!”  She selected Panola for two distinct reasons: her husband, Tim Singletary, and the specific course she was offered to teach.  She is enjoying the opportunity to teach alongside the person with whom she has always discussed educational issues.  Mr. Singletary is a welding instructor for Panola College with many years of experience.  The two have been married for 39 years.  They have two sons and one grandson.  Dr. Singletary speaks enthusiastically about her rescue dog, Preacher.  In free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring different cultures.

“When traveling, I enjoy learning about the communities, schools, and museums in each area.  To capture a sense of local values, educational concerns, and treasured sites makes each stop more memorable,” she shared.

So, why did she choose education?  The answer was simple for Dr. Singletary.  She chose education before she knew the requirements or the financial aspects of that career.  When just a child, she would “teach” during play.  She knew this was her calling and made the childhood dream a reality through discipline and perseverance.  Dr. Singletary is proud of her role in the success of others, especially her students.  She actively seeks people’s potential and gives them the tools to flourish.

“Each student is unique, but no matter the country of origin or personal background, all students want to achieve personal goals and dreams,” Singletary said.

Quotes affect people in many ways.  Dr. Singletary uses them to encourage others and herself.  When asked for a favorite quote, she expressed that she selects special ones for different “seasons” of her life.  Currently, this quote by A. Banayan is most relevant: “When you change what you believe is possible, you change what becomes possible.”  To Dr. Singletary, this statement seems to “sum up her life’s philosophy, while it also offers direction for her new role.”


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