Theatre to present I Gelosi

Behold! The play I Gelosi by David Bridel is a play of incredible Italian actors raging against the world as it seems. They find themselves unfathomably beyond broke and at a loss for the ability to drop the emotional baggage of their pasts.

Francesco Andreini and his wife Isabella Andreini host a theatre troupe of men and women trying to find their way into their own personal wholeness. One is for profit, another for food and another out for revenge. According to Francesco, they are all seeking revenge. These marvelous actors seek to find the light in their darkened lives to create the world they always dreamed of. These were the people to first use a woman in a play. The thought of using a woman in a play was unimaginable in this day and age of 1568, Old World, Italy and France. The men are seen as women in their roles and become uncooperative with one another so they pull in a woman, more than willing to see the outcomes of their insane idea.

They are found by many audiences and make quite a profit to the benefit of many. It helped the broke, it helped the hungry, it felt amazing as a down payment of revenge. There is rage and vivid flashbacks of long lost wars and imprisonment. In the backlash of their blasphemy against royalty and the Pope himself, their new found world begins to decompose around them before their very eyes. The full are starving, the rich became broke once more and revenge was still on the tongue of the vengeful.

This play is filled to the brim with romance and comedy and classicality. A slap in the faces of the close-minded and weak-minded alike. See this play in full swing and full bloom as these ancient stars rise from the ashes once again and fall back into their dusty graves once more.

The play will be held in the Q.M. Auditorium here at Panola College, November 1-2. Then Panola College Theatre will be hosting the KCACTF, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Texas State Festival , November 7-10. Hope to see you there!