History club welcomes new members

Spirit was on hand (or hoof) for the first Panola College History Club meeting. With all this attention, he will probably become a regular!

Do you enjoy history, food and meeting new people? Panola’s History Club is the place for you. You do not need to be a history guru to be a part of this club! Everyone is welcome.

“We do cool things,” says Maelbi Calderon, vice president.

The club’s volunteer council includes: President Jasmine Ryan, Vice President Maelbi Calderon, and Secretary Drew Diverdi.

The club met Monday, Sept. 10 at 5 p.m. for the first meeting of the semester, and welcomed many new faces. Approximately 40 students attended the event. The History Club began the fall semester with announcements of special events and a brief overview of the club. Attendees enjoyed pizza and brownies, provided by Bill Offer, faculty advisor. The club’s president, Jasmine Ryan, discussed the club and all that it has to offer, including field trips, guest speakers, and fundraisers to cover the cost of field trips and other club activities.

The club will meet every other Monday in the Miller Administration Building. Students taking a history class with Bill Offer have been granted the opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation for participating. For more details concerning how to join the club, contact Offer by stopping by his office or sending him an email at [email protected]

Upcoming events:

Fall Frolic: October 10

Lunchbox Lecture: November 6

Norton’s Art Gallery field trip: November 10