History Club tours Mansfield Battle Field

Masha and Jame’Cia visit with a Civil War soldier at the reenactment at the Mansfield Battle Ground.

The History Club took a field trip to the Mansfield Battle Field Museum in Mansfield, La., on Saturday, April 14. History Professor Bill Offer, Rhyna Offer, and adjunct professor Gayle McFarland accompanied the students Maryia Adashchyk and Jame’Cia Taylor.

“Due to the weather, we had a smaller group than we had expected,” said Professor Offer. “Professor McFarland has written several college papers on the battle and he was a wealth of information on the trip.”

A Civil War battle reenactment was under way that day, and the students and faculty members were able to walk around the battlefield and interview the participating soldiers.

“We were also able to shop and try on clothes from that time period. We learned about the Confederate Horse Soldiers, and the horses, along with information about artillery including cannons,” Offer said.

As part of the reenactment, a field surgeon performed a mock operation, and demonstrated on a manikin how amputations were done in the field hospitals.

Other demonstrations included how to design, choose fabric, and sew the clothing used for the reenactments to create authentic reproductions.

The group ate lunch at the museum park and toured the museum before departing to return to campus.