History Club: Movie Night and Car Wash

The History Club will hold a carwash on Saturday, Nov. 4 at ABC Auto.

Monday Oct. 23, the History Club held a Movie Night where its members decided to watch the historic movie Hacksaw Ridge,  which is based on the Okinawa War. The meeting was accompanied as always with good food, this time gumbo and drinks, and great people.

Elyse Hanna, Club President, gave the announcement that there will be a car wash on Nov. 4 to raise money for the Dallas Trip. The car wash will be held at ABC Auto and will begin at 9 a.m. Anyone wanting to go to the Dallas Trip must participate in the fundraiser, since this is where the Club is going to gather all the financial investment for it.

The next meeting of the Club will be on Nov. 11.

Don’t miss it and come have some fun!