First Caddo Club Meeting


Join the Caddo Club today!

The Panola College Caddo Club will meet Friday, Sept. at noon on the east side (dorm side) of the second floor of the Health and Natural Sciences building. The Panola College Caddo Club is an outdoor recreation and ecology club open to Panola students with or without outdoor experience.

Many of the club activities center around Caddo Lake (Caddo Lake State Park, Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Caddo Lake Wildlife Area) but the group has also visited Lake of the Pines. Field trips have included the Caddoan Indian Mounds, Gators and Friends, Sciport, Chimp Haven, canoeing and pontoon boat tours. The members have also done Ghost Tours in Jefferson.

For the last two years the Caddo Club has had a day of fishing called “Fishin’ for a Mission” in which members catch fish at Lake Murvaul to give to Mission Carthage.

The club generally has two camping trips per year and tries to host guest speakers when possible.

Sponsors are Darrel Hudson [email protected], Becky Gullette [email protected], and Officer Shiela Ritter [email protected].

Join the Caddo Club today!
Join the Caddo Club today!