Drive-in WiFi available on Panola College campuses


The College WiFi can be accessed from parking lots around campus, including the Q.M. Martin Auditorium’s parking area.

Panola College in Carthage, Marshall and Center offers internet access through hotspots that can be reached from inside a car in campus parking lots. The College’s high-speed internet access allows students to log into their classes and complete assignments, according to Jessica Pace, Director of Institutional Advancement.

The Carthage campus offers strong WiFi signals in various locations. Students can access the best service in parking lots near buildings including the Q.M. Martin Auditorium, the Merle Glass building, the Monk Science building, the M.P. Baker Library and the residence halls.

Students in Marshall can find WiFi by parking in the nearest parking spaces to the back (west) entrance to the Panola College Marshall College Center site in the mall.

In Center, students needing WiFi can access the College’s system by parking in the nearest parking spaces to the vending machine on the north side of the Shelby Regional Training Center.

“Our goal is to help our students successfully complete the spring semester. With all classes converted to online, good WiFi access is crucial. At the same time, we are following the social distancing guidelines by encouraging our students to log into the College’s WiFi from the safety of their vehicles in parking lots on our campuses,” Pace said.

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