Daycare job teaches responsibility


Julianne Edge works five days a week to earn money and professional experience.

Many of us have heard the cliche sayings “Nothing worth having comes easy,” or “Hard work pays off,” from many teachers or our parents. Despite the fact that these sayings are cheesy, there is much truth within them. Working provides us a way to strive towards a goal. Most of us do not intend to stay in the jobs we are currently at while attending college, but it is a way for us to earn money right now while working towards endless opportunities in the future.

Right now I am currently employed at a daycare. In this daycare I am expected to accomplish many tasks. Most of these tasks are shaping me into the person I will need to be for my future job. My goal is to become a Speech Language Pathologist. Working with kids has provided me hands-on experience along with many skills that will be required of me in my future career. These skills include: patience, social, understanding, and kindness.

Working with kids five days a week is a challenge, but it is the best situation that God has ever placed me in. I get so much enjoyment on getting to hear wild tales about what they did over the weekend or watch them show me a neat new trick they can do. These kids do not understand how much of a blessing they are to me. They allow me a chance to focus on other people rather than myself and all of my problems. It’s not so much a job any more as it is an opportunity for God to mold me into who I need to be for my future career.