Breast Cancer – one woman’s story


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

October is a month dedicated for breast cancer awareness — a month where most schools get decked-out in all pink for one football game to recognize all of the brave warriors who have survived or lost the battle.

For this essay, I wanted to interview someone who has gone through the battle in order to give encouragement to those who are fighting breast cancer. Janie Muckleroy is a true hero, not only beating the fight against breast cancer, but also the fight against stage four lymphoma.

In 2013, Janie was diagnosed with breast cancer. When initially getting the news she did not react like most patients do. “I knew that when I came to grips with the situation God put me in, I would either win this battle or die,” she says.

She adds that she wasn’t fearful, but rather at peace with the situation.She encourages others still going through the battle to give themselves some rest. Chemo treatments take a toll on the body after awhile and it’s important to set aside one day to just let your body completely heal.

She also believes it is important to have faith in Jesus. She says people should allow him to take every worry that they might be facing. “Without my faith in Jesus I never would have remained positive through the fight; I most likely wouldn’t be here today if not for Him,” she says.

According to Muckleroy, it’s all about how your body is going to react to the chemo and with a more positive attitude it makes that possible. This incredible woman is a true light to everyone that she encounters and I am very honored to know her. I want to encourage those who are still in this battle to keep fighting. If it’s not you, but a loved one fighting stay by their side because they need you.

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