Biology professors discuss new teaching tools

Faculty attended digital learning professional development.

Biology professors Dr. Kevin Rutherford, Dr. Anthony Edwards and Corey Johnson provided training sessions for Panola College faculty members during the Digital Learning Professional Development on Thursday, Jan. 9.

Rutherford’s session, “Increase Student Engagement: Ask Questions,” emphasized the importance of engaging with students through question and answer sessions. He explained how to use a whiteboard in class sessions.

Johnson talked about “Nearpod,” an online student engagement application that provides interactive exercises. The app allows students to take notes and send them to their email accounts.

Edwards discussed creating modules in the Canvas LMS. He suggested some ideas to make the modules more engaging through design, and also emphasized the importance of using Canvas discussions to reinforce concepts.

“Faculty from multiple departments attended the training, including English, Mathematics, Speech Communication, Energy, Chemistry, and Biology,” said Edwards. “During my session, faculty had several opportunities to share teaching strategies they use in their classrooms. At the end of the presentation, faculty presented strategies they are going to use this semester.”