Band presents Jazz on the Quad

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Tuesday, April 17 was the perfect day for an outdoor picnic with live music from the Panola College Jazz Band. Sitting under the shade of the oak trees in the Quad, the audience members sat on benches, lawn chairs or lounged on blankets during the performance.

The hour-long show featured “A.M. Attitude” with soloists Josh Wood and Whitney Thomas; “Basin Street Blues” with soloists Esmeralda Acosta and Savana Hanaway; “Come In From the Rain” with soloists Maggie Sims and Josh Wood; “Four with soloists Branton Reeves, the Sax Section, and Maggie Sims; and “April in Paris” with soloist Josh Wood.

The program continued with “Mas Que Nada” with soloist Kassi Orbaugh; “Traces” with soloist Whitney Thomas; “Vehicle” with soloists Maggie Sims and Kassi Orbaugh; “Night Train” with soloist Maggie Sims, and “Blues March,” with soloists Nick Powell, Josh Wood, and Whitney Thomas.

The Panola College Jazz Band is directed by Dwaine Hubbard, professor of instrumental music. Musicians include: flute: Esmeralda Acosta, Center, and Savana Hanaway, Carthage. On saxophone: Kassi Orbaugh, Carthage; Elijah Johnson, Shelbyville; Whitney Thomas, Center; James Lilly, Jasper, and Dakota Brown, Marshall. On trumpet: Josh Wood, Carthage; Maggie Sims, Center; America Cabriales, San Augustine, and Sarah Allen, Henderson. On trombone: Urias Quetzala, Garrison; Delaina Truitt, Center; Jaqui Alejaldre, Center; Cole  Donald, Carthage, and Colby Taylor, Carthage.

On drums: Nicklaus Powell, Shelbyville, and Michael Iwalesin, Lagos, Nigeria. On piano: Carrie Hudman, Cleveland. On guitar: Alexis Barlow, Center. On bass guitar, Branton Reeves, Beckville.

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