A mother’s duty


Courtesy Photo

Crystal reads with her children, from left, Morgan, Carson, Emma, and Payton.

Being a stay at home mother is hard. Being a stay at home mother of four is even harder. Being a stay at home mother of four and a full time student, almost impossible. I have been a student at Panola College for a year and a half now and the journey has been anything but easy. The sacrifices do not stop with me, my children have had to make sacrifices as well. Since my journey began at Panola, I have had my children’s support and involvement every step of the way. The madness begins in the morning and doesn’t end until late at night. They see it all, I want them to see it all. My job as a mother is to teach them to be responsible, dependable human beings. Their mother being a student does just that. They witness the dedication and the will to succeed.

Loads and loads of laundry; just have to wait because mommy has exams! Most times, I have my two year old in one arm, while I type with the other. The first semester of college, I realized that some things just have to wait. The laundry, the vacuuming and even the dishes some nights.  My involvement in my children’s lives has changed, as well. While I used to attend all school functions and have them participate in every school activity, those things just can’t happen now.  I may not be able to do those things but I do, however, get to show them that I love them through relentless studying and the future that I’m creating for us.

My oldest is 14 and in high school. I include him in many activities that I participate in through Panola College. He has attended history club meetings, helped me with biology homework and even proofreads the articles I write for the “Pony Express.” I encourage him to do these things. I see it as preparation. I want him to know that what I do isn’t easy. My prior mistakes in my life can pave the way to success for all of my children.

My children are my purpose for everything. Their excitement when I tell them I passed an exam that they saw me study for, is my motivation to continue. Sacrifices are not scarce. The financial strain affects my entire family by minimizing material luxuries and losing time that will never be regained.  Although, there may be sacrifices and struggles, my children will soon see me graduate; knowing what it had taken to accomplish. They’ll witness their mother walk across the stage, and share with me the accomplishment of being a college graduate. That moment will be the “sigh” that I’ve long waited for, being the best “me” for them.