A Brief History of Halloween


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A Brief History of Halloween

In the spirit and spirits of Halloween, the Panola College Pony Express staff and I have brewed up some fun facts and stories of Halloween.

Originally named All Hallows’ Eve, the holiday was held at the end of the harvest and/or the ancient Celtic festival of ending called Samhain. A feast was held every year on this day by the olden day Celtics as a day and festival of the dead. The feast was also held in honor of the past spirits and ghosts that can come to attend. They believed if you fed the spirits well they would be pleasant toward you and bring you prosperity in your living lives.

During this time, the Celts believed that the veil between worlds was the absolute thinnest. When the veil is thin not only can spirits come but they also believed bad luck and demons came through for a visit also. This is where the idea of bonfires originated. It was believed that the humongous bonfires and the burning of herbs would keep the demons away and/or send them back from whence they came. They had many methods for getting around their villages during this time of spirits and demons.

In the Wiccan religion, there are pumpkins carved as symbolism for a containment of anything meant to do you harm. The Celts and Wiccans alike held these carved pumpkins for protection from any evil that would cross their path. It is also seen and recorded to both of these groups of people wearing masks and elaborate costumes to hide their identity from any supernatural entity.

All of these things of course have molded our daily lives more than we know. We now dress in great and spectacular and goofy costumes and carve and light pumpkins and give out candy and party on this one night of spooks and frights. Halloween is a time to party and spook up your neighborhood. It is a time to get all dressed up and have a spooky night. Have an frightful Halloween all you crazy ghouls and ghosts!