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What is love?

What is love?

Happy Valentine's Day

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Love. What is love, truly? Is it the feelings that fly in on the butterflies of the heart when at first you see that “special someone?” Or perhaps it’s the actions that follow an emotional being within us all when we choose with whom we’ll spend our forever?  Does the heart decide for itself the feelings sprung upon it when at last we realize the depth beyond our own superficiality?

The heart is but a landmark of deceit. The emotions thereof are therefore rendered deceitful in their judgments of the soul’s desires.  The desire for love goes beyond the feelings and emotions of our outward self. We forget all too easily that the emotions with which the heart dangles before our eyes in the heat of the moment are just that – emotions. They manifest the state in which the mind is flung in the midst of a falsely judged circumstance. Does the desire for love drive you to follow the deceitful lie of lusty superficiality?

The soul’s desire for love goes beyond the emotions of our outer being. These feelings are nothing more than an attempt to grasp onto something that goes beyond the person we let everyone else see. Deep within ourselves we find a being, a sense of self, that attempts to express its true desires and intents. It seeks destiny and immortality. While it desires the intangible, its desire for complete control allows you only a glimpse of what you really seek. The heart within must have something to hold onto, or so it leads us to believe. It’s the heart’s cruel interpretation of the soul’s desires. The heart knows only the tangible, but the soul seeks what you cannot see. The soul knows no limits to the intangible. The soul desires the real love it searches for while we allow our hearts to become entangled in emotions.

Inside of every human being is the soul’s desire for real love. And yet we allow ourselves to be cheapened by the heart’s false rabbit trails. We follow the emotions dangled before us and wander into a mindset of “only the tangible.” If we could learn what true love really is, then we could finally fulfill the desires of the soul. Our dreams would expand to places beyond our limitations. Our faith could soar to unthinkable heights. Our confidence would outweigh what we feel others think of us.

Everything we’ve always longed for lies within the limits of love. The limits of true love are void. If we discover what true love really is, then we could gain the security we’ve always dreamed of. It’s the sense of knowing that you’re fulfilled on the inside without having to worry that someone will run away with your heart. Love is something you can feel all around you. When John wrote the words, “God is love…” he was saying so much more than a great slogan for a ratty old bumper sticker next to a “Palin for President” campaign sign. The words are true and meaningful. If we can but grasp a hold of the concept of what it really means. True love is the invisible fulfilling the soul’s most inner desire. It goes beyond the tangible, controlled environment that the heart wishes to keep you captivated within. This is what true love really is to me.

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What is love?