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The student news site of Panola College.

Tutors available at Panola

Tutors available at Panola

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There are tutors available for the following subjects:

  • Chemistry (Intro and General)
  • Biology (General, Micro and A&P)
  • Math (Algebra, Statistics and Developmental)
  • English (Comp I and II and British Lit I)
  • History (US I and II)

If you are in need of a tutor, you must sign up in the Student Success Center with Leslie Glaze. You will then contact your assigned tutor to make an appointment to be tutored in the library. Tutors are only allowed to tutor students for a maximum of two hours a week. Prior to being tutored, the student and tutor must both sign in in the library in order for the tutor to get paid by the school.

On the other hand, to become a tutor, you must also sign up with Leslie Glaze in the Student Success Center and will then have your grades checked in the class you want to tutor. Once approved, you’ll be given paper work to fill out, and once it is all processed you can start tutoring students that sign up. Once again, you must tutor in the library, spend only two hours max tutoring each student and have no more than 19.5 total hours a week.

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The student news site of Panola College.
Tutors available at Panola