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The student news site of Panola College.

The Intaglio Project

The Intaglio Project

Matt Sanford

Current cover photo for the Intaglio

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The Pony Express in association with Media Arts has begun work on the 2013 issue of the annual Panola  Intaglio, a magazine showcasing the artistic talents of Panola students.  Students may contribute writings, poems, songs, paintings, drawings, and other such mediums for the hard-copy magazine.  The groups are also considering an online Intaglio in order to support video feeds of musical performers and other arts such as theater, dance, etc.

“The intaglio was created to give students, alumni, and faculty a venue for their creative ideas” said Ann Boland.  “Our first publication began in 1996 and has more or less changed in design since then.”  It began with Boland and Jeff Brooks along with a crew of editors and designers, and since has slimmed down to a smaller staff, with Teresa Beasley as the Head of Production.  It is traditionally staffed by members of the Media Arts Club and/or the Pony Express newspaper.  The editing staffers for this year are Matt Sanford and Samantha Fairless.

As of this time several students have begun submitting art, but much more is needed.  The magazine offers students majoring in art/media/music an opportunity to add to their portfolio by having their work published.  Also, some teachers (mainly the English professors) are offering extra credit to students who submit their work to the magazine.  There is no stated limit to what a student submit, but obviously no one student will be given an exorbitant majority of space in the publication.

Any student or faculty member seeking to submit works should contact one of the editors, Mrs. Beasley, or Mrs. Boland.  Alternatively, they can bring works to the Media Arts Club during their meetings Wednesdays at 2 p.m., in the art room at the Rhea building.  As for the publication itself, the target date for release is April 22.  Whether you’re a veteran artist or a beginner, the Intaglio seeks your talent.  Be a part of Panola’s masterpiece!



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The student news site of Panola College.
The Intaglio Project