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The hunt is on!!!

The hunt is on!!!

In the coming weeks of April the Panola College Store will hide 5 Easter eggs in various places on campus. There will be 6 eggs in total, including a grand prize egg consisting of a $40 Gift Certificate to the College Store. They will post a hint to the GC egg’s location on their Facebook and Twitter page every day. The College Store came up with this idea, because they thought it would be a fun and interactive way for the students of Panola to get involved. They hope that this contest will become an annual tradition.
Now everyone is a little curious as to who is hiding the eggs. There are 5 people who run the store and each one hides their egg in a random spot. When asked who was hiding the eggs they said they all were. They take turns hiding their GC egg, and only the GC egg gets a clue as to where it is hiding.

So look hard, but still have fun with this competition. Happy egg hunting!!!

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