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The Chase Is On

The Chase Is On

Morgan Silva

Rachael, Rachel, and Sydney playing at the previous Howl After Dark.

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A new band called Chasing Stable has arisen from Panola’s musical choir.  The group is comprised of three girls, Rachael Sutton, Rachel Gee, and Sydney Gee, and utilizes a variety of instruments to produce a “genre-hopping” sound along the lines of folk music.  Their first performance of the semester will be at the Howl After Dark at the Dawg House Café on February 8.

In fact, the group can often be found practicing at the art department in preparation for their future events.  According to Sutton, that’s how the group met, “just hanging out and practicing together in the Panola music rooms.”  In the three months since their inception the band has played at such venues as the Fall Media Arts Concert, the previous Howl, Cedar Grove Baptist Church, and at the grand opening of the Tea Room on the square.  Their momentum building, the group hopes to have their first album out by this summer, available on itunes and other music sharing platforms.

When asked about their musical influences and inspiration, they cited a variety of music, including 90’s tunes, 80s, and even some jazz and soul style songs.  “We want to set good examples…reflect our faith through our actions and our music. We want to write about real things.”  Sutton said.  To that end they incorporate those various influences, as well as their own individual talents;  Rachael Sutton acts as lead singer and plays guitar and harmonica, Sydney takes charge of the melody using primarily the violin, and Rachel Gee completes the sound with various percussion instruments and her own violin/viola skills.  Together, the three have already composed a number of pieces that each combine and accentuate their individual talents in various ways.

For their fans, the band has a facebook page set up, (named after the band)  complete with a few of their finished songs for anyone curious to sample.  They also have a contact email ([email protected]), and are in the process of making a website for their work.  The band is young, but Chasing Stable demonstrates the early makings of a great musical project.  If there is ever a consistent, good reason to check out any band, then it is the passion its artists have for their work.  Musical success is not an easy thing to capture in life, but if Stable’s dedication and tenacity is any indication, then the chase is on.

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The Chase Is On