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Ross finds a side talent

Ross finds a side talent

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Ross Coskrey has been playing baseball since he was four years old. He played center field on the Midway High School team in Waco, and came to Panola College to play on a baseball scholarship. Most people just know that he is an outstanding baseball player and don’t know that he is an extremely talented artist. Coskrey has been involved in art activities since he was in kindergarten but started to take it seriously when he reached middle school.

“I started to learn different techniques to make my drawings and painting more realistic in 6th grade,” Coskrey says, “and it made me realize that I was good enough to take my artwork to the next level.”

During his sophomore year in high school, Coskrey started to become more serious about his artwork. He started to find ways to improve his artwork every time he made something.

“Being a perfectionist, I would never settle for just an average piece of work. I would always want to make changes and see little details that needed to be fixed,” Coskrey says.

Having this trait made him learn that there is always room for improvement and you can always become a better artist if you would work hard and keep with it.

Throughout his years in high school, Coskrey received many compliments on his work. “There were many times that my friends and family requested a piece of art from me. I probably painted or drew about 40 pieces of artwork throughout my four years in high school,” Coskrey says.

The great success and found talent he has had with his artwork have been a major stress relievers while being so focused on baseball throughout the years.

“Baseball makes me feel so uptight sometimes, so having a hobby to use as a getaway every once in a while is a plus,” Coskrey says.

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Ross finds a side talent