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Naples to host Lunchbox Lecture Oct. 9 over national deficit, spending

Naples to host Lunchbox Lecture Oct. 9 over national deficit, spending

On Wednesday, Oct. 9 at noon, Professor Brian Naples will host a Lunchbox Lecture concerning two of our country’s biggest problems; the national spending rate and the deficit that we are currently looking at.  The lecture will be broken down into two parts: putting federal spending into scale and what the Constitution says about expenditure.

The first and main part will be explaining the federal spending and deficit in terms of scale. Naples will demonstrate, using quantities that are representative of the spending, just how much our country is currently spending. Naples says that, “We have extremely large numbers that are hard to put into context,” and that he plans to present the information in an easier to understand presentation. “Our current federal debt is 17 trillion… That number is so big that it’s absurd,” says Naples. The second part of the lecture will be about what’s the United States Constitution says concerning the federal spending and expenditures.

Naples says that students are encouraged to attend because the country’s debt has to be paid off and it’s going to fall upon them. “The government will primarily pay it off through taxation, so if the students want to know why they have to pay so much and what they’re paying for; they’re going to want to know about it.”

Lecture will take place in the Murphy-Payne Community Room located in the library.


*Mr. Naples is offering 5 extra-credit points for his students that attend the lecture.  Remember to sign the sign-up sheet to receive the points.

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