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Insurance rules strands young drivers

Insurance rules strands young drivers

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As a college student there is nothing more frustrating than being told over and over again that you are not old enough to do certain things. Being a nineteen year old student and living away from my family, I have learned that life is full of unfair situations.

I was rear ended towards the end of spring break in Denton, TX. My car seemed to be fine; my bumper just fell off and had a few scratches on the side. I never put another thought towards the fact that my car could possibly have further damage. Later that next week the “service engine soon” light came on, and I got concerned, especially when my engine began to produce a large amount of smoke if my speed was greater than 60 miles per hour. This began what would become a huge mess, and continued to grow.

My parents dealt with the other woman’s insurance company and our own insurance company for a few days trying to work things out. I was finally able to take my car to a body shop and have them examine my car to give me an estimate. Without even taking the vehicle into a bay to look at it, they told me it was probably going to be considered “totaled”. There were a lot of fluids leaking that made it unsafe for me to drive it. My tailpipe was pinched together not allowing all of my exhaust to be released for the past two weeks, meaning that my car could have blown up at any time. Thankfully I got it to the shop in just enough time to keep my safe.

The body shop had me all set up to be put in a rental car until the insurance company had an adjuster come check everything out, and I had a check written for what my car is worth. After a long process of going back and forth with my parent’s insurance company, I found out that I am not able to drive a rental car because I am under the age of 21, and I am not considered a primary driver. My parents tried to get me switched over to be considered a primary driver, and were still told that I am not eligible for a rental because we switched me over after the wreck occurred.

I know that something will eventually work out, but for right now it’s frustrating that I am being put into a situation where I have to depend on different people each day to pick me up from home and take me to school and work. I feel that if I am of legal age and can vote then I should be able to receive a rental car. The insurance agency’s make situations like this so complicated, and it shouldn’t be like that. They should be doing everything that they possibly can to help people. I am anxious to see what the outcome of this situation will be.

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Insurance rules strands young drivers