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Get off the couch with the 5k Challenge

Get off the couch with the 5k Challenge

Lazy? Never feel like working out? Well even you can still stay in good health with this amazing app. Stay fit with the Couch-to-5k app, which is available on nearly all smartphones. Users get to choose from five different virtual coaches and hear real human audio. Users can calculate their distance and pace along with the FREE GPS support to map out their run. There is also the ability to share and track progress on Facebook with friends or other social media sites. If you have been struggling to get your tail off the couch and want to be in shape for the shirtless summer, then the 5k challenge may be the route to go.

Try the Couch to 5k App for free, or only $1.99 for upgraded version.

Reviews: “Great for lazy folks like me!“, “Awesome!“, “Super Fun!“, and “Works Great!“, “Great Results!“.

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