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Get a kick out of poetry

Get a kick out of poetry

Carry a poem in your pocket during April.

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April is Nation Poetry Month, and people are encouraged to carry your favorite poem in your pocket and share it with others. Your poem can be about anything that comes to mind, whether it’d be about school, animals, sports, humor, romance, or if you’re one of Becky Gullette’s botany students, a botany poem. You could write a poem just about anything. The best part of it all is when you’re able to see a smile or even better get a laugh out of the people that read that poem of yours. Laughter can bring great benefits to the human body, and April also happens to be National Humor Month.

It’s OK to tell a secret

to a dolphin or a seal,

but a pig cannot be trusted,

for a pig will always squeal!

(Poem by Darren Sardelli)

Lighten your day by a laugh a day!

While others are running, playing golf, painting, playing video games, or in a boxing ring to relieve stress, anger, or frustration problems, other are simply just laughing. Who knew laughter would have such effect on your emotions?  And who knew laughing can also help your health?

Some of the few advantages of laughter are

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Defend against respiratory infections
  • Improve memory
  • Help workout your facial muscles
  • Help the heart
  • Reduce pain

Best part of all, you need no reason to laugh; you’re free to laugh at any given moment. Make opportunities to laugh, go out play with your pet, watch a movie, host a game, read funny jokes- the simplest things are the ones that cause you the best laughter. One thing for sure is make sure to surround yourself in a positive environment; you wouldn’t want to be stuck with people that take things seriously all the time. It helps you bond better with others; some might say laughter is the best medicine for any problem.

Make your April the month you share your favorite poem to others and the month you laugh the most.

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The student news site of Panola College.
Get a kick out of poetry