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Flyleaf sounds “Fully Alive”

Flyleaf sounds “Fully Alive”

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I have always loved Flyleaf since I first heard them on Pandora in 2012. I was not fully hooked until I heard them again at a friend’s house. On that day I heard the song Fully Alive and fell head over heels. Afterwards I started downloading and buying their albums. Another song I loved was In the Dark. The lyrics spoke to me in a way I did not know a song could. My favorite part of the song would have to be when she sings “I’m held accountable, for every idle word, curse the idle word.” These lyrics have meaning so deep that it is almost a shock to the brain. When she sang this song it was about her sins and how she ran from them and tried to hide her fear.
Flyleaf is mainstreamed as Christian metal and Christian pop. They performed around the United States in 2003 until they released their first debut album, Flyleaf, in 2005. This album went platinum after selling more than a million copies. After being named Yahoo’s “Who’s next band of the month” in March 2006, they were named MTV’s “artist of the week” on December 24, 2007. Then on November 10, 2009, they released their next album, Memento Mori, which debuted and rose to No.8 on the Billboard charts. Lead vocalist, Lacey Sturm, announced her departure shortly before their third album’s release, New Horizons, in 2012. Kristen May became the new lead vocalist.
Most people say that anything that has an upbeat and powerful music cannot be considered Christian; this is wrong. The lyrics to the song Much like Falling are about how she wants to commit suicide, but God has stated in the Bible that it is selfish of us to even consider it. If she were to kill herself, it would lead to the suffering of her family and friends. Towards the end of the song she has decided to stay with the Lord and to wait for a natural death in order to gain the everlasting life that He has promised. Just because Flyleaf vocalist scream in some songs, and are soft and sweet in others, does not mean their work is not Christian music. It just means they can reach the younger generation with the truth of the Bible.
This is why I love Flyleaf. They are a great band and one day I would love to see them in concert. I also recommend Cage on the Ground, Beautiful Bride, and Arise. These are a few of my favorite songs by Flyleaf. They are beautiful songs, they have very deep meaning if you take the time to look up the lyrics and actually think about what they are saying.

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Flyleaf sounds “Fully Alive”