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Dodgeball Hits Home

  • Panola College rodeo team won the Dodgeball Tournament. Left to right Mason Laviolette, Stevo Keighly, Danielle Edmonson, Matt Birdwell, Corey Fussell, Tyler Dartez, Madi Brown, Bryce Barney and Brian Naples, government instructor. (Whitney McBride)

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The SGA dodge ball tournament came to a close as a smashing success earlier this February at the Panola Fitness center.  Clubs from all around campus submitted teams of players, several with themes and costumes, to compete for the prize of a five-pound gummy bear.  In the end, Rodeo Team claimed victory over the other teams to take the bear home.

“Rodeo was definitely the toughest”  said Shawn Simonson.  “They could catch everything.”  Among the other teams present were the BSM, Theatre, Choir, Band, Media Arts, and Catholic Organization.  Each team was allowed six in-game players (at least two girls) and a few spare tag-in players.  The gym was divided into two courts, which hosted a game each, playing four teams at a time.  Teams played for double elimination, and were knocked out in the tournament after their second loss.  Following the announcement of the victors, a final, epic game including every single player was held on the gym floor.

Here, the crowd began to each find their own favorites.  In fact, the whole gym began to cheer for one student as she faced down a number students alone and outgunned.  “It was phenomenal!”  said one onlooker, Cassie Blair.  “Chauncy was also beast, Alec too.  He was intimidating!”

Following the tournament, Naples has received high demand for a follow-up to the event, with support rising all the time.  “It was fantastic, everyone had a blast.”  Naples said.  “I was surprised at the number of people that came just to watch, and we had a lot of extra unaffiliated players too.”  Currently, he’s considering preparations for an even more unique event: a Glow-In the dark dodge ball competition.  “No details yet.  We still need to set a date, find sponsors, and build up student participation.”  Naples said.  “Next time, we’re going for a five-pound chocolate bar.  I think we need to keep the prizes unique and interesting, in keeping with the spirit of the tournament.”

To be sure, we haven’t seen the last of dodge ball at Panola.  Some clubs are already anticipating the next event, and preparations are well underway.  One thing is for sure, with gigantic candy prizes, costumed students and some new twists, the Panola dodge ball tournament will only get more intersting.


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Dodgeball Hits Home