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Divergent attacks theaters

Divergent attacks theaters

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Divergent was a thrilling movie. It opened in theaters on March 21. It is based on a book, by the same name, written by Veronica Roth. The story hinges on a futuristic society in which young people must choose a life pathway at age 16.
In dystopian Chicago exist five factions; Dauntless, who value bravery; Erudite, who love knowledge; Abnegation, who believe in pro-self-sacrifice; Amity, who are into friendship; and Candor, who never tell lies. Beatrice Prior, played by Shailene Woodley, will leave her family after a test that shows her aptitude for one of the factions she would be great at, that is until it did not work on her. The system refers to this as Divergent.
Beatrice was raised in Abnegation, but she has never felt like she fitted in with the others. When she turned 16, she went to take the test. During the test, her mind acted differently to each test, showing she would be great in three factions instead of one. When the day of the selection of faction arrived, she took her destiny in her own hands and chose Dauntless.
Once in her new faction, she underwent training to become a true Dauntless. The Dauntless are the backbone of the system: the military force. The road to becoming a true Dauntless would be filled with pain, joy, and, eventually, love. After she has become a true Dauntless, the trouble starts.

Faction before Blood it is the law!!!

Divergent and The Hunger Games are similar to each other, but are also very different. While both are a dystopian setting, their story lines are very different. In Hunger Games there are twelve districts, while in Divergent there are five factions.
Hunger Games is all about the game and the main character, Katniss, and how she is the sign of rebellion. The story line is great and has plenty of adventure and suspense. Katniss is against the way the capital is running things from the beginning. In Hunger Games people are born into their districts and cannot leave. Also they were only able to leave if they were chosen to participant in the games.
In Divergent, it is all about how Beatrice, also known as Tris, decided to go to the Dauntless faction and undergo training. Beatrice does not know of the trouble that is coming, even with Four, played by Theo James, putting hints out to her along the way. Only when the true problem appears does she go against the government.
One choice decides your friends, beliefs, loyalties-forever and one choice can transform you. Now you have a choice; a choice to remain the same or to dive into the world of Divergent!!!

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Divergent attacks theaters