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CNG: Fueling the Future

CNG: Fueling the Future

Here is a CNG fueling station.

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In 2011, The U.S. spent more than 450 billion on foreign oil. That’s plenty of money to pay off 38% of America’s debt to China, give $1,468.37 to every American, and buy Apple, Google, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Facebook. However, the U.S. has a 100 year supply of American natural gas. Some of the advantages of having your automobile run on natural gas are lower prices and less pollution. In 2011, Honda Civic was the only dedicated natural gas vehicle available in the U.S., and was named Green Car of the Year. In 2012, Ford, Chevy and Chrysler will release CNG trucks. To learn more log into CNGnow.com

Within seven months, the Ark-La-Tex region will open 16 CNG fueling locations, 13 of which will be available to the public:

  • Texas Street at Benton  Road, Bossier City, Louisiana
  • Highway 71 at CenturyTel, Bossier City
  • Encana, Coushatta, Louisiana
  • SporTran, off North Market Street, Shreveport (Private)
  • Anadarko CNG-Highway 79, Carthage Texas (Private)
  • Chevron, Mansfield, Louisiana
  • Time-it-Lube, Pines Road, Shreveport
  • Chevron Station on I-49, Alexandria, Louisiana
  • Chatham, LA-EXCO CNG Fueling (Private)
  • Relay Station on I-49-Frierson
  • Marshall, TX Hwy 59 at Cox Rd.
  • Shreveport Trash Trucks, Kings Highway at LSU Medical Center
  • Longview (2), Kilgore, and Carthage-Texas Best/Gateway Travel Plazas

Regional auto dealers have also taken action by providing service to the natural gas vehicles:

To begin saving big bucks, vehicles must be converted to run on CNG and there are now companies that will get the job done, and they will have your car running on natural gas rather than gasoline in no time.

For more information, please contact:

Sarie Joubert
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Manager-Public Affairs
Shreveport, Louisiana
OFFICE: 318-647-7206   CELL: 318-347-1962
[email protected]


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CNG: Fueling the Future