• Panola College Drama's production of The Exonerated brought home 20 awards from the TCCSTA State Play Festival held at LCS-Kingwood this past week. Superior Production Trophy, Kyree Williams, Sophomore, was awarded the Bill Morton Acting Challenge Award (best actor), Avery Tindol, Superior-Acting, Darian Upshaw and Carenza Johnson, Excellence in Acting, The following students were awarded a Director's Superior in the following Technical areas, Ben Charrez,Stage Mangement, Mariah Fulbright, Assistant Directing, Christin Lindgren, Dramaturgy and Lobby Design, Alex Dutton, Lighting Design, Laura "Alfy" Lindsey, Sound Design, Keelan Moses, Costume Design, Nicole Cassell, Make-up Design Kaycee Ricketson, Scene Design, Ethan Xiu, Projection Design. Receiving the Respondents Award for Excellence in Tech were Kaycee Ricketson for Scene Design and Shadow Play Design, Ethan Xiu for Projection Design, Dewey Brannan III for Scrim Lighting Design. Panolal College's entire cast and crew received the Honor Crew award as well. PC Drama Director Karen King said, "I am so proud of these students. At the end of our production as the house went dark for the curtain call, the entire audience rose to their feet as one to give a standing ovation. It was an incredible moment for our students!" March 2, 2015

Blinn outlasts Fillies

Aarika Reyna scored only two points Saturday against Panola College Fillies, but those two points won the game for Blinn College. After Toy Jackson tied the score 68-68 at the free throw line with 10 seconds left to play, Blinn barreled down the court and Reyna threw the ball toward the goal with 1.2 seconds left on the clock. The ball went in for the winning score.

Toy Jackson, #11, a sophomore from Los Angeles, scored 16 points for the Fillies. Electra Roberts, #1, a sophomore from Columbia, LA, had 15 points, followed by Dannisha Jackson, #32, a sophomore from Shreveport, LA, with 9. Sophomore Rebecca Kolawole, #25, from Rowlett, added 8; Shanica Baker, a freshman from Toronto, Ontario, scored 6; Catarina Jones, Arlington sophomore, #4, scored 5; Paula Tarnahowicz, #14, a sophomore from Gdnyia, Poland, added 4 points; Lanese Bough, #5, sophomore from Christiansted, St. Croix, had 3 points; and Elizabeth Handy, #22, a sophomore from Arlington, had 2.

A slow start at the free throw line in the first half hampered the Fillies, who shot only 1 of 6. They picked it up in the second half, and had 8 for 19 attempts by game’s end.

High humidity outside and inside created wet spots on the floor all night, but the Fillies set a fast pace throughout the game. The Fillies host Tyler Junior College here in the A.J. Johnson Gym at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Tracey Stellato is head coach for the Fillies, assisted by Kayla Weaver. See more photos in the Fillies vs Blinn 1-12-13 Photo Gallery.

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