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Battle for the Bear

Battle for the Bear

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Brian Naples in association with SGA has put together a dodge ball tournament for the entertainment of students and to foster interaction between the clubs.  The tournament will be held Tuesday the 11th, 6pm, at the Fitness Center.  Each club or organization is allowed a team of up to six members, and must have at least two girls on each team.  Unaffiliated students may also form teams by the same guidelines.  Even the faculty is open to join in and play on or form teams.  The prize for the victor is nothing less than a five-pound gummy bear.

At this time, there are seven teams registered for the competition, including Caddo, Choir, Media Arts, Catholic organization, SGA, and others.  Interested parties can sign up at Mr. Naples’ office.  Naples himself is on the Catholic Club’s team, and when asked about any contenders he was concerned with, he cited the baseball team and the choir.  “The choir seems to have a solid group, and the baseball team has the edge in throwing ability” Naples said.

Again, this is precisely the motive behind the whole competition, “to advance student relations and school cooperation.”  “When I lived in New York they wouldn’t let us play actual dodge ball, only roller ball; all you could do was roll the ball towards one another across the ground, it drove me nuts” Naples said.  But in this event, the tournament will follow traditional rules: hit a person and they’re out, catch a ball and get back a teammate, quite basic.  Once one of the teams loses all their people the game is over, and the winners advance to the next round.

With teams pouring in, it seems the tournament will accomplish exactly what it set out to do; it’s rare for this many clubs to be involved in any single event outside of Spring Fling or Fall Frolic.  Add in the participation of the faculty to the mix, and the result is a heated event that only comes once in a great many semesters.  This is one Battle that no one should miss.

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Battle for the Bear