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Bathily journeys from France to Panola

Bathily journeys from France to Panola

Art by Erica Larsen

Fallou Bathily plays guard on the Panola Men's Basketball team this year.

Fallou Bathily is a member of the Panola Men’s Basketball team from Saint-Victoret Bouche du Rhone. A graduate from Iycee Maurice Genvoix high school  in France, Bathily decided to fly over to the United States to further his dream of one day playing professional basketball. We got a chance to sit down with Bathily and discuss the change.

Q: So what’s been the biggest change from France to Carthage, Texas ?

A:  Well, first is the language and the adjustment to slang. Another is the overall culture such as the food, and how people act has been a good learning experience.

Q:  What to you like and dislike about the new environment?

A:  I love the opportunity learning a different type of education and remaining an athlete at the same time. Also, we work harder here in America than France as far as basketball. I am not a big fan of the food here though.

Q: If you had to do it all over again would you come back?

A: Yeah, sure, because I knew it would be a good experience. It was hard to leave my country but I knew it would be a good experience for life.


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